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Schertz Carpet Cleaning

Schertz Carpet Cleaning knows that the number 1 place to live in Texas is in the historical town of Schertz. Its great education system and economic opportunities makes it a quality place to live in. We are happy to make Schertz and neighbors beautiful and to offer our cleaning services in the entire metro area.Upholstery steam cleaning San Antonio

Move In And Out Cleaning

Move in and out cleaning is one of our specialties. Before or after moving, there are probably lots of things to take care of and cleaning is one of them. You don't always have the time to clean it yourself. Carpet Cleaning Schertz will save you the time and effort of cleaning your new house. With professional equipment and years of experience we will make your house sparkle in just a few hours.

Upholstery Car cleaning

Upholstery car cleaning is only one of our top services. Schertz Carpet Cleaning recommends cleaning your car on a regular basis, as you probably driving it every day. Vacuuming your seats from time to time will make your car look better and keep you healthier. However, DIY cleaning such as simple vacuuming is only good for a short period of time. If you have small kids or pets professional upholstery car cleaning is the natural choice for you.

Professional upholstery cleaning will remove all of your dog or cat hairs, stuck in the car seats. It will also make nasty food stains disappear, using steam or dry cleaning. Using the perfect products for your car, it will not only look great, it will also smell great, fresh and clean. Let us at Schertz Carpet Cleaning make a better and cleaner driving experience for you.

Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning

Truck mounts is recommended by most of the carpet manufactures. It is a fast, effective and a relatively low-cost form of cleaning. It generates its own power and uses a hot extraction hose and high-power vacuum to thoroughly clean your house or office. The high pressure and heat leave no dust, dirt or bacteria behind.

We invites you to call 210-858-9124 and get our free estimate and special offers. Get the clean perfect look your car, house and office needs with San Antonio Carpet Cleaning.