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We at Universal City TX Carpet Cleaning care for our loyal customers in the small town of Universal City. We bring years of experience and excellence to you, and our reputation proceeds with us. If you're moving in or out of your house, we are the place for you. Call 210-858-9124 for professional home cleaning and free estimate.

hardwood floor refinishing San AntonioIn today's world, we are all working too hard. Why wasting time, cleaning your carpets or upholstery furniture when you can simply pick up the phone and let Carpet Cleaning Universal City TX do the work for you. You can spend your time with your love ones, instead of spending it with your carpets. We guarantee you a service you won't forget.

Moving Out

Moving out and moving in is always a hassle. You have numerous chores, waiting for you, and leaving a clean house is usually one of them. Universal City TX Carpet Cleaning helps you with one less chore. Save yourself the time and the effort and use professional service. We clean tile and grouts, air ducts, wood floor refinishing and more. Call today and together we'll see what we can do for you.

Cleaning Tips

Here are few cleaning tips for you. You probably can't use a professional service on a regular basis, and usually there's no need to. Vinegar is always a good alternative. It should always be your natural choice. It is cheap, organic and safer than chemicals you find in your local store. That is why Universal City TX Carpet Cleaning recommends it.

You can use vinegar to restore your carpet's natural look. Scrub it with a solution of 1 cup white distilled vinegar for every gallon of water. Remember, when cleaning your carpets, always test your cleaning solution on a hidden area, making sure it works and doesn't damage the carpet.

You can also clean your grouts, tub and shower with white distilled vinegar. Just spray it and wait for about 15 minutes. Then, take a tooth brush and start scrubbing it. You could also spray the vinegar around the bathroom and clean it with a damp cloth, as it helps killing germs and bacteria, accumulated around the bathroom. If this sounds too difficult, you can always call us at Carpet Cleaning Universal City TX.

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